cStackCleanupException Class Reference
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Used internally when deleting an activity() simple module. More...

#include <cexception.h>

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Public Member Functions

 cStackCleanupException ()
 cStackCleanupException (const cStackCleanupException &e)
virtual cStackCleanupExceptiondup () const
virtual bool isError () const

Detailed Description

Used internally when deleting an activity() simple module.

Then, the coroutine running activity() is "asked" to throw a cStackCleanupException to achieve stack unwinding, a side effect of exceptions, in order to properly clean up activity()'s local variables.

Member Function Documentation

virtual cStackCleanupException* cStackCleanupException::dup (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Virtual copy constructor.

We unfortunately need to copy exception objects when handing them back from an activity().

Reimplemented from cException.

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