cRNG Class Reference
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Abstract interface for random number generator classes. More...

#include <crng.h>

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cObject cLCG32 cMersenneTwister

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Public Member Functions

virtual void initialize (int seedSet, int rngId, int numRngs, int parsimProcId, int parsimNumPartitions, cConfiguration *cfg)=0
virtual void selfTest ()=0
virtual unsigned long getNumbersDrawn () const
virtual unsigned long intRand ()=0
virtual unsigned long intRandMax ()=0
virtual unsigned long intRand (unsigned long n)=0
virtual double doubleRand ()=0
virtual double doubleRandNonz ()=0
virtual double doubleRandIncl1 ()=0
double doubleRandNonzIncl1 ()

Detailed Description

Abstract interface for random number generator classes.

Some known implementations are cMersenneTwister, cLCG32 and cAkaroaRNG. The actual RNG class to be used in simulations can be configured (a feature of the Envir library).

To switch to your own RNG, subclass cRNG, register your new class with the Register_Class() macro, then select it by adding the following to omnetpp.ini:


See also cModule::getRNG().

Member Function Documentation

virtual unsigned long cRNG::getNumbersDrawn (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Returns how many random numbers have been drawn from this RNG.

Subclasses should increment numDrawn in the intRand(), etc. methods.

virtual void cRNG::initialize ( int  seedSet,
int  rngId,
int  numRngs,
int  parsimProcId,
int  parsimNumPartitions,
cConfiguration cfg 
) [pure virtual]

Called by the simulation framework to set up the RNG at the start of a simulation run.

Seed selection should take place here.

Implemented in cLCG32, and cMersenneTwister.

virtual unsigned long cRNG::intRandMax (  )  [pure virtual]

Maximum value that can be returned by intRand(), e.g.

2^31-2 with LCG32.

Implemented in cLCG32, and cMersenneTwister.

virtual void cRNG::selfTest (  )  [pure virtual]

Coarse test for the correctness of the RNG algorithm.

It should detect platform-dependent bugs (e.g. caused by different word size or compiler anomaly). The method should throw an exception if something is wrong. It is invoked only once, when the simulation program starts up.

Implemented in cLCG32, and cMersenneTwister.

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