cLongHistogram Class Reference
[Statistical data collection]

Equidistant histogram for integers. More...

#include <chistogram.h>

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cHistogram cHistogramBase cDensityEstBase cStdDev cStatistic cOwnedObject cNamedObject cObject

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Public Member Functions

Constructors, destructor, assignment.

 cLongHistogram (const cLongHistogram &r)
 cLongHistogram (const char *name=NULL, int numcells=-1)
virtual ~cLongHistogram ()
cLongHistogramoperator= (const cLongHistogram &other)
Redefined cObject member functions.

virtual cLongHistogramdup () const
Redefined member functions from cStatistic and its subclasses.

virtual void collect (double value)
virtual void collect (SimTime value)

Detailed Description

Equidistant histogram for integers.

This class is just a cHistogram preconfigured for collecting integers (MODE_INTEGERS).

Member Function Documentation

virtual void cLongHistogram::collect ( double  value  )  [inline, virtual]

Collects one value.

Internally, the double value is converted to an integer using floor() before any processing.

Reimplemented from cDensityEstBase.

References cDensityEstBase::collect().

virtual cLongHistogram* cLongHistogram::dup (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Creates and returns an exact copy of this object.

See cObject for more details.

Reimplemented from cStdDev.

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