cLinkedList::Iterator Class Reference

Walks along a cLinkedList object. More...

#include <clinkedlist.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Iterator (const cLinkedList &q, bool athead=true)
void init (const cLinkedList &q, bool athead=true)
void * operator() () const
bool end () const
void * operator++ (int)
void * operator-- (int)

Detailed Description

Walks along a cLinkedList object.

To examine each element in the list, the Iterator class can be used. Once an Iterator object is created for the list, the ++ and -- operators can be used to step from one element of the list to the next/previous one.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cLinkedList::Iterator::Iterator ( const cLinkedList q,
bool  athead = true 
) [inline]


Takes the cLinkedList object as argument. The current item will be the first (if athead==true, default) or the last (if athead==false) item in the list.

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