cConfigOption Class Reference
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Describes a configuration option. More...

#include <cconfigoption.h>

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cNoncopyableOwnedObject cOwnedObject noncopyable cNamedObject cObject

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Public Types

enum  Type
enum  ObjectKind

Public Member Functions

Constructors, destructor

 cConfigOption (const char *name, bool isGlobal, Type type, const char *unit, const char *defaultValue, const char *description)
 cConfigOption (const char *name, ObjectKind kind, Type type, const char *unit, const char *defaultValue, const char *description)
Redefined cObject methods

virtual std::string info () const

Getter methods

bool isPerObject () const
bool isGlobal () const
ObjectKind getObjectKind () const
Type getType () const
const char * getUnit () const
const char * getDefaultValue () const
const char * getDescription () const
static const char * getObjectKindName (ObjectKind kind)
static const char * getTypeName (Type type)

Detailed Description

Describes a configuration option.

See also:
Register_GlobalConfigOption(), Register_PerRunConfigOption(), Register_GlobalConfigOptionU(), Register_PerRunConfigOptionU(), Register_PerObjectConfigOption(), Register_PerObjectConfigOptionU()

Member Function Documentation

const char* cConfigOption::getUnit (  )  const [inline]

Returns the unit of the option (e.g.

"s" for seconds, "b" for bytes, etc), or NULL if the option does not have a unit.

virtual std::string cConfigOption::info (  )  const [virtual]

Can be redefined to produce a one-line description of object.

The string appears in the graphical user interface (Tkenv) e.g. when the object is displayed in a listbox. The returned string should possibly be at most 80-100 characters long, and must not contain newline.

See also:

Reimplemented from cObject.

bool cConfigOption::isGlobal (  )  const [inline]

Returns whether this is a global setting.

Global settings may only occur in the [General] section.

bool cConfigOption::isPerObject (  )  const [inline]

Returns whether this is a per-object configuration.

Per-object configuration entries take the form of <object-full-path>.<configname> = <value> in the inifile, instead of <configname> = <value>

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