cBoolParImpl Class Reference
[Internal classes]

A cParImpl subclass that stores a module/channel parameter of the type bool. More...

#include <cboolparimpl.h>

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cParImpl cNamedObject cObject

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Public Member Functions

Constructors, destructor, assignment.

 cBoolParImpl ()
 cBoolParImpl (const cBoolParImpl &other)
virtual ~cBoolParImpl ()
void operator= (const cBoolParImpl &otherpar)
Redefined cObject member functions

virtual cBoolParImpldup () const
virtual void parsimPack (cCommBuffer *buffer)
virtual void parsimUnpack (cCommBuffer *buffer)
Redefined cParImpl setter functions.

virtual void setBoolValue (bool b)
virtual void setLongValue (long l)
virtual void setDoubleValue (double d)
virtual void setStringValue (const char *s)
virtual void setXMLValue (cXMLElement *node)
virtual void setExpression (cExpression *e)
Redefined cParImpl getter functions.

virtual bool boolValue (cComponent *context) const
virtual long longValue (cComponent *context) const
virtual double doubleValue (cComponent *context) const
virtual const char * stringValue (cComponent *context) const
virtual std::string stdstringValue (cComponent *context) const
virtual cXMLElementxmlValue (cComponent *context) const
virtual cExpressiongetExpression () const
Type, prompt text, input flag, change flag.

virtual Type getType () const
virtual bool isNumeric () const
Redefined cParImpl misc functions.

virtual void convertToConst (cComponent *context)
virtual std::string str () const
virtual void parse (const char *text)
virtual int compare (const cParImpl *other) const

Detailed Description

A cParImpl subclass that stores a module/channel parameter of the type bool.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void cBoolParImpl::setExpression ( cExpression e  )  [virtual]

Sets the value to the given expression.

This object will assume the responsibility to delete the expression object.

Implements cParImpl.

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