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  • Analysis tool: added support for computed scalars. Read the updated the User Guide for further details.

  • Analysis tool: added Logarithmic X axis option to scatter chart.

  • Added NED editor support for named channels.

  • Added support for opening files from the command line, i.e. use: $ omnetpp Aloha.ned

  • Added full screen mode (Ctrl-Shift-F11).

  • Usability improvements in the Analysis Tool.

  • Better error reporting in the Sequence Chart and Event Log views.

  • The CDT C++ code analyzer has been turned off as it was reporting too many false positives.

  • The IDE has been switched over to use CDT’s DSF debugger instead of the older CDI.

  • The IDE no longer runs the C/C++ Indexer before build (the code now collects the information for makefile dependency generation by other means)

  • Added pretty printing of STL containers (std::map, etc), simtime_t and other objects to the debugger; see the updated User Guide for details.

  • Updated the bundled MinGW (GCC, linker and GDB).

  • Updated to Eclipse 3.8.1; the IDE now requires Java 1.6+.


  • Added named channels support, e.g. "…←→ eth1: EthernetChannel ←→…", with the purpose of making it easier to address channel objects when assigning parameters from ini files. Channel definitions can now specify a default name (via the @defaultname property), too.


  • Added the cPatternMatcher and cMatchExpression utility classes to the API. cPatternMatcher is a glob-style pattern matching class. cMatchExpression builds on top of cPatternMatcher and lets you combine patterns with AND, OR, NOT for matching fields of arbitrary objects.

  • Added hasEncapsulatedPacket() to cPacket.

  • Implemented calculateWeightedSingleShortestPathsTo() in cTopology.

  • Signals implementation now allows static initialization of simsignal_t variables.

  • Fixed a bug in Expression where -2m was evaluated to 2 (meter was lost)


  • The simulator now supports Mac OS X 10.8 (you need to install XQuartz; see the Install Guide)

  • Simplified makefile output: Makefiles now output only the filenames to the console instead of whole commands. This makes the build output less noisy. If you need the old behavior, use the V=1 (verbose on) option on the make command line.

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