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Analysis scripts for OMNeT++ 4.0 vector and scalar files from Juan-Carlos Maureira.
A complete set of tools for the conversion of network topologies following the Georgia Tech Internet Topology Model (GT-ITM) to the InetUnderlay model used by OverSim Framework [1]. The provided tarball includes the GT-ITM topology generator [2], the BRITE topology tool [3] patched with NED language support [4]  and the necessary updates to the files of OMNeT++ for the support of weighted shortest paths [5].
This download is not related to OMNeT++, but rather to the web site. It is a bibliography handling module for Joomla! -- a significantly improved version of jombib 1.5 from We use this plugin to manage the Publications database on this site. Feel free to copy it and take it further. License: GPL.
SimDistribution is a GUI for distribution of OMNeT++ [3.x] simulations on different computers. This software includes server and simulation management and uses Java SWT and Web Services.
JResultWriter is a Java library for recording simulation results in OMNeT++ 4.0 vector and scalar file format (.vec/.sca; see the OMNeT++ Manual), for use in 3rd party Java-based simulators. Simulation results can be evaluated with the OMNeT++ IDE. Author: Andras Varga.

This is an extension that makes it possible to write OMNeT++ simple modules in Java. Java and C++-based simple modules can be freely mixed in simulations. Integration is not seamless though, there are limitations as to what OMNeT++ features are available, as well special coding rules to obey in the Java code. This release is for OMNeT++ version 4.0 precisely, and will not work with other versions.
PSGen is a Publish/Subscribe topology generator. It can be used to generate pub/sub networks. The generation process can be controlled by an XML file and a java gui. The topology generator was built on top of BRITE and hence supports BRITE's node and link configuration options.
U2Q is a tool that allows developers to estimate the performance of a system prior to prototypes based on UML models only.
MAP++ supports Map-based topology and scenario generation and evaluation. It also provides trace data visualization and database powered analysis.
SimProcTC is a model-independent, flexible tool-chain for the setup, parallel run execution, results aggregation and data analysis for OMNeT++ 3.x. It is based on GNU R and RSerPool.
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