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OMNeT++ is an extensible, modular, component-based C++ simulation library and framework, primarily for building network simulators. "Network" is meant in a broader sense that includes wired and wireless communication networks, on-chip networks, queueing networks, and so on. Domain-specific functionality such as support for sensor networks, wireless ad-hoc networks, Internet protocols, performance modeling, photonic networks, etc., is provided by model frameworks, developed as independent projects. OMNeT++ offers an Eclipse-based IDE, a graphical runtime environment, and a host of other tools. There are extensions for real-time simulation, network emulation, alternative programming languages (Java, C#), database integration, SystemC integration, and several other functions.

OMNeT++ is free for academic and non-profit use, and it is a widely used platform in the global scientific community. Commercial users must obtain a license from More...

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   INET Framework (Internet and LAN protocols)   INETMANET (mobile and ad-hoc networks)   Oversim (peer-to-peer networks)   Veins - Vehicles in Network Simulation    ReaSE (realistic Internet simulations)   MiXiM (detailed wireless simulations)   Castalia (wireless sensor and body area networks)   More...

New users: Watch the screencast for an introduction into the Simulation IDE, or see in the publications list what OMNeT++ has been used for. Check out some tutorials, browse the documentation, watch introductory videos, and explore the featured network simulation projects (click the logos above)!

InfiniBand model update
Monday, 28 January 2008 10:53
An updated version of the InfiniBand model can be downloaded from here. It incorporates the patch posted to the mailing list on Jan 18.
Announcing oProbe
Thursday, 29 November 2007 14:33
The simulation community has been accused for producing many simulation studies of bad quality. The mission of the oProbe open source project is to provide an instrument that produces statistically sound results at known quality. Stochastic sampling from a network of queues demands both confidence and correlation control. An important design goal is to be compatible with the OMNeT++ framework without introducing changes to this code, as well as making it easy for existing simulators to make use of oProbe. The oProbe project introduces a probe module, which is a new simple module in the context of OMNeT++. A probe is the instrument that applies a controlled stochastic sampling technique. The probe module may have any number of probes. The oProbe project supports different interface levels according to the functionality required. Based on the FIFO queue example included in the sample directory in OMNeT++, the oProbe project provides example code on how the software can be used by existing or upcoming OMNeT++ based simulators. [manual], [download]
Projects at the CSE deptartment - Ben Gurion University
Sunday, 30 September 2007 16:41
Last year we have activated several projects In my research group
1. A new MAC protocol for ad hoc networks
2. An IEEE 802.16-2004 and IEEE-802.16 e compliant simulation modules for both SS and BS.
This year we continue with
1. developing the routing layer for wireless ad-hoc networks that will make an efficient use of our MAC protocol
2. construct a research on resource allocation for MESH networks under the IEEE-802.16 E standard
Another research group is using OMNET++ to simulate the activities of network processors in high speed networks

Dr. Yehuda Ben-Shimol
Department of Communication Systems Engineering
Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, ISRAEL
FACTS - Future Aeronautical Communications Traffic Simulator
Wednesday, 26 September 2007 16:35

From  Felix Hoffmann:

The Institute of Communications and Navigations at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is currently developing a simulation platform for aeronautical communications within the project FACTS - Future Aeronautical Communications Traffic Simulator. The project investigates the possibilities of shifting from voice communications to digital data traffic in Air Traffic Control, and creating an IP-based aeronautical telecommunications network. The simulator is based on OMNeT++ and the INET Framework, and will feature a NASA WorldWind-based GUI.

X-Simulator for testing synchronization protocols
Wednesday, 26 September 2007 16:16
This work has been carried out at the University of Padua within the research program "Methods and instrumentation for performance measurement in real-time networks", supported by the Italian Ministry for University and Research (MiUR). The X-Simulator is able to reproduce typical sources of uncertainty that may affect the performance of synchronization protocols in a network. In particular, it focuses on the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE 1588. See the project website for further info.
OverSim-20070926 release
Wednesday, 26 September 2007 14:22
Ingmar Baumgart announced the new OverSim snapshot release 20070926 and the new patched INET framework INET-20061020-OverSim-3. You can download OverSim-20070926 and the patched INET framework on
DYMO model for INET updated
Tuesday, 07 August 2007 05:31

Christoph Sommer has recently released a new version of the DYMO (Dynamic MANET On Demand) routing protocol for the INET Framework. The model can be downloaded (along with several INET patches) from

InfiniBand model from Mellanox
Tuesday, 31 July 2007 13:22
Mellanox Technologies, the leading provider of InfiniBand technology and a commercial OMNEST user, have released an open-source InfiniBand model for OMNEST/OMNeT++ community. InfiniBand is a switched fabric communications link primarily used in high-performance computing. [Download]
Castalia 1.1 release, and Castalia Forum
Tuesday, 31 July 2007 10:03
The Castalia Team has announced the Castalia 1.1. release. Please visit to download the new version. The team has also created a forum for discussing Castalia. Castalia is a simulator for Wireless Sensor Networks.
OverSim-20070724 release
Wednesday, 25 July 2007 21:39
From Ingmar Baumgart: I'm happy to announce the new OverSim snapshot release 20070724. This release implements a new overlay protocol (YMMOG), new churn models (LifetimeChurn and ParetoChurn), adds proximity routing for Chord, and contains several other improvements over the previous version. You can download OverSim-20070724 and the patched INET framework from
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