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OMNeT++ is an extensible, modular, component-based C++ simulation library and framework, primarily for building network simulators. "Network" is meant in a broader sense that includes wired and wireless communication networks, on-chip networks, queueing networks, and so on. Domain-specific functionality such as support for sensor networks, wireless ad-hoc networks, Internet protocols, performance modeling, photonic networks, etc., is provided by model frameworks, developed as independent projects. OMNeT++ offers an Eclipse-based IDE, a graphical runtime environment, and a host of other tools. There are extensions for real-time simulation, network emulation, alternative programming languages (Java, C#), database integration, SystemC integration, and several other functions.

OMNeT++ is free for academic and non-profit use, and it is a widely used platform in the global scientific community. Commercial users must obtain a license from More...

Featured Projects:

   INET Framework (Internet and LAN protocols)   INETMANET (mobile and ad-hoc networks)   Oversim (peer-to-peer networks)   Veins - Vehicles in Network Simulation    ReaSE (realistic Internet simulations)   MiXiM (detailed wireless simulations)   Castalia (wireless sensor and body area networks)   More...

New users: Watch the screencast for an introduction into the Simulation IDE, or see in the publications list what OMNeT++ has been used for. Check out some tutorials, browse the documentation, watch introductory videos, and explore the featured network simulation projects (click the logos above)!

Mobility Framework for Omnet++ 4.0 beta 2
Monday, 06 April 2009 12:45
The second release of the Mobility Framework for Omnet++ 4 is now available at The project homepage is located at It is now much easier to use, and includes some new simulation models. Please try the networks/ieee802154 example network to get started.

This framework is made available so that MF2 users can benefit from Omnet++ 4 new features, and to provide access to additional modules (detailed multiple access interference model, IEEE 802.15.4 CSMA, radio power consumption model for TI CC 1100 and TI CC 2420). In the future, the additional modules provided in this framework might be ported to the MiXiM simulation framework (
New INET Framework web site
Thursday, 12 March 2009 09:01
We have set up a dedicated web site for the INET Framework at The design and content are very basic at the moment -- we'll appreciate your help in refining and expanding it.
OMNeT++ 4.0 released
Thursday, 12 March 2009 08:44
After more than 3 years of intense work of the team, 8 beta releases and two release candidates, OMNeT++ 4.0 has been finally released. (We'd like to take the opportunity to congratulate ourselves for this great achievement! :) With the new Eclipse-based IDE, greatly enhanced NED language and simulation kernel, and tons of other improvements, 4.0 is guaranteed to redefine the way you do simulations with OMNeT++, and it will open up new horizons.

Downloads are available in the download area. Report bugs in our bugtracker.

Read on for a brief summary of what's new in 4.0!

About OMNeT++ Workshop 2009
Thursday, 12 March 2009 08:32
The 2nd International Workshop on OMNeT++ took place last week in Rome, Italy. It was a great success: 18 papers and posters were presented (selected from nearly twice as many submissions!), and we again filled the room for the most part of the day, with about 40 people being present. With the INET@github discussion and the hands-on tutorial on the upcoming MiXiM model framework, the program ended after 7pm, and then we went out for an informal dinner in a nice nearby restaurant. You'll find the programme on the workshop site, together with the slides of the presentations:
OMNeT++ 4.0rc2
Sunday, 01 March 2009 10:55
We are happy to announce the second release candicate of OMNeT++ 4.0. You can find the downloads and the change log in the Download area.
Mobility Framework 2.0p3 for OMNeT++ 4.x on GitHub
Friday, 27 February 2009 18:02
In the last days we have uploaded the OMNeT++ 4 port of the Mobility Framework to, with the project name mf-opp4. You can access the repository at
OppBSD 3.0 Released
Tuesday, 24 February 2009 18:23
OppBSD 3.0 is released now. It provides a fairly complete FreeBSD network stack inside OMNeT++ now with IPv4 and IPv6(!). 64-Bit platforms are also supported. It also provides a pcap interface, i.e., you can dump all packets into a pcap file for later analysis. More info and download
Mobility Framework 2.0p3 for OMNeT++ 4.x
Monday, 22 December 2008 13:29
Jérôme Rousselot has ported the Mobility Framework 2.0p3 to OMNeT++ 4.x. Use this library if you depend on MF 2.0 and want to move your project to OMNeT++ 4.0
xMIPv6: Mobile IPv6 protocols for the INET Framework
Friday, 21 November 2008 09:25

From Zarrar Yousaf and Christian Bauer: We are pleased to announce the official release of the Mobile IPv6 simulation model to the community. The source code and further details can be downloaded from our project pages:,de/, and
Porting of the codebase to OMNeT++ 4.0 is underway, and will be released soon.

New OMNeT++ 4.0 beta
Tuesday, 18 November 2008 08:54
We are happy to announce the beta 8 release of OMNeT++ 4.0. In this release, we made makemake generation a lot more flexible in the IDE, implemented frequently asked features in Tkenv (run until event, log window filtering), and resolved several issues. We also created a Wiki page for OMNeT++ 4.0-related resources. [Download] [Wiki]
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