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Shi, Yi, Qi, Yong and Yang, BinXia (2008), "Deterministic link signature based IP traceback algorithm under IPv6", ICACT 2008: 10th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology: 1010--1014.

The IPv6 security architecture, IPSec, plays a positive role in the protection of IPv6 networks. To some special attacks, especially DDoS attacks, IPSec appears relatively weak, because IPSec can only defend against DDoS attacks that spoof their source addresses. In cases where attackers launch DDoS attacks with their real identity, IPSec is helpless. This paper proposes a deterministic link signature based DDoS IP traceback algorithm. It can immediately reconstruct the entire attack path after suffering a DDoS attack whether or not the source addresses are spoofed. To verify the validity of our algorithm, we implemented it under a simulated IPv6 environment with the OMNeT++ IPv6Suite.

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