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Sommer, C., Yao, Zheng, German, R. and Dressier, F. (2008), "Simulating the influence of IVC on road traffic using bidirectionally coupled simulators", INFOCOM 2008: IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops: 1--6.

We discuss the need for bidirectional coupling of network simulation and road traffic microsimulation for evaluating Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) in a simulation framework. As the selection of a mobility model influences the outcome of simulations to a great deal, the use of a representative model is necessary for producing meaningful evaluation results. Based on these observations, we present a hybrid simulation framework composed of the road traffic simulator SUMO and the network simulator OMNeT++. The coupled simulation environment is used for an evaluation of two protocols for incident warning in VANETs.

VANET, MANET, Traffic Simulation, Network Simulation

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