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Milani, Simone, Calvagno, Giancarlo, Bernardini, Riccardo and Zontone, Pamela (2009), "Cross-Layer joint optimisation of FEC channel codes and Multiple Description Coding for video delivery over IEEE 802.11e links", Int. J. Internet Protoc. Technol., 4, 1: 32--43.

This paper presents two cross-layer optimisation strategies based on the IEEE 802.11e standard that enable a robust video transmission using adaptively Forward Error Correction channel codes at transport layer and a Multiple Description Coding architecture. The first approach classifies the characteristics of the sequence to be coded, while the second relies on a parametric model of the distortion which is estimated during the coding operations. The performances of these schemes are then improved by a packet classification strategy. Experimental results show that both cross-layer optimisation algorithms perform well with a small computational effort but different playout delays.

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