How to use this site

Once you've signed up, several services become available to you and there will be several ways to have your voice heard using the Get involved menu item. You can:

  • submit announcements and news to appear on the front page of the site
  • publish your simulation models or utilities to the Model Catalog;
  • publish your OMNeT++ related papers in the Publication section.
  • sign up to the mailing list where you can get help


It is easy. You choose a login name and type your email address. The login name will also be the nickname that appears in articles, so you probably want to start it with a capital letter (you'll be able to type it full lowercase when you log in, it's case insensitive). After you click OK, an activation e-mail will be sent to you. It should arrive within an hour, and then you should be able to log in.

Note: The system will not give out your email address to anyone, and it will not appear in the pages. You can send email to another person via the site (e.g. if you click on the user's nickname in a forum), but you won't learn his/her email address, nor will he/she see yours. 

Want to try now? Click here: new user

The password and other data can be changed under Profile menu item.

If you forgot your password, you can request a password reset on the login screen.

Mailing list

The mailing list has not been integrated into the site, and you have to sign up for it separately. You can also unsubscribe any time. The list is archived on the web, so you may check it out before signing up.

Mailing list info and archive can be found under Mailing list archive in the site menu.

Changing your personal info

You can enter your full name, change you password, change your email address, etc. under Profile menu. There are several fields there.

Adding software announcements and stories

You can also submit announcements or other news related to your project in a similar way as you add a project. Choose the Submit news link in the Get involved menu. Your submission should be approved by the administrator before appearing on the first page.

Adding your simulation project

You can publish your simulation project (and a link to your project site, if you have one) in the Model Catalog. Please specify a project name, a short description, and at least a download URL. Also don't forget to add the project's home page.

Adding your publication

You can add a reference to your OMNeT++-related publication on the Get involved/Submit publication page. Please add a comment and a correctly formatted BibTex entry. We will review the received submits and add it to the site database.