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Yadav, Kuldeep and Srinivasan, Avinash (2010), "iTrust: an integrated trust framework for wireless sensor networks", SAC '10: Proceedings of the 2010 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing: 1466--1471.

Designing security solutions for Wireless Sensor Networks is a challenging task due to the potential hostile and unattended environment in which they operate as well as their resource constrained nature. A trust management framework can be useful for detecting untrustworthy nodes under such operational conditions. In an unattended autonomous network, the attacker can capture a sensor node and modify its regular functioning. Consequently, the compromised node will thereafter behave erratically, which, in most cases, is observable by nodes in the corresponding neighborhood. In this paper, we propose iTrust - an integrated trust framework in which monitor nodes, a set of specialty nodes, will evaluate neighborhood nodes based on their behavior in a session wise manner. Monitor nodes, in promiscuous mode, will garner information about nodes in their neighborhood. After each session, they will share trust indices of each node with their neighbors, which is used for future decision-making. We have simulated iTrust framework with a tolerance of 5%--25% network error rate and evaluated its performance. We have further evaluated the attack detection effectiveness of iTrust framework by simulating different attack scenarios and confirmed its robustness to several known attacks.

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