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Vargas-Morales, Juan J (2007), "Simulation and analysis of PDU traffic bundled under packet alloying", LANC '07: Proceedings of the 4th international IFIP/ACM Latin American conference on Networking: 13--22.

Packet Alloying, a technique for the optimized bundling of packets, is proposed. It produces aggregations that preserve the internal Protocol Data Unit (PDU) format, allowing the resulting packets to be subjected to further bundling or compression by conventional techniques. Using logs from vignettes simulated by the OneSAF Testbed Baseline (OTB), a simulator is used to analyze PDU traffic over a wireless flying Local Area Network aboard airplanes, including a satellite and a ground station. Applying Packet Alloying during the simulation of an example vignette, a reduction in the magnitude of negative slack time from -75 to -9 seconds for the worst spike was achieved. Contributions of this research include the formalization of a selective PDU bundling scheme, and the study of different predictive algorithms for the next PDU. These results demonstrate the validity of packet optimizations for distributed simulation environments and other possible applications such as TCP/IP transmissions.

DIS protocol, PDU, Packet Alloying, bandwidth simulation, network traffic

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